Student 资源

Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the primary student organization at Brunswick Community College (十大博彩正规娱乐). SGA members serve as the collective voice of our students. These leaders work to enhance college life experiences and lead the planning and implementation of special events including Fall Fling, Welcome Back Bash, 假日派对, coffee house gatherings, 春天的节日, service activities, 和更多的. SGA serves as the liaison between the College Administration and the student body and is represented at all meetings of the 十大博彩正规娱乐 Board of Trustees. We encour年龄 all students to attend SGA meetings and events and contribute to making 十大博彩正规娱乐 the best of the best places to be.

Membership consists of curriculum students currently attending 十大博彩正规娱乐. Please contact Student Event and Activities Coordinator, 布鲁克高夫 at or 910-755-7366 if you are interested in joining the SGA team. 去海豚!


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